Cecil Kennedy

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About Cecil Kennedy

Cecil Kennedy is a British artist from St Albans, Hertfordshire who was born 4th February 1905 and died 12th December 1997. Kennedy was the youngest of thirteen children and one of his older brothers was the children's book illustrator Albert Ernest Kennedy (1883-1963). The Kennedy family were all artistically inclined, his grandfather is said to have worked with French artists including the likes of French Barbizon pinter Jean-Baptiste-Camille Carot. Kennedy studied painting with his father however he also had some formal training; he studied at the Royal Academy of Arts and then went on to study under numerous influential artists including Nieco Jungmann. He also studied in Paris where he was awarded a silver medal in 1956 at the Paris Salon and later a gold medal in 1970. Initially Kennedy began by painting landscapes and some portraits however following some the war where he spent some time stationed in Antwerp, Kennedy's style changed as he was given the opportunity to observe paintings by international artists such as Ambrosius Bosschaert and Peter Paul Rubens. Throughout his life and even to this day Kennedy is known best for his highly detailed, intricate oil paintings of flowers, the likes of which have been linked to those of Dutch 17th Century Masters through their devotion to detail. Queen Mary purchased several of Kennedy's flower paintings and it was also she who suggested to the artist that he should always include a ladybird in his paintings as a trademark. We were honoured to display Kennedy's work during our Still Life Exhibition between the 12th October and the 9th November.

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