James Noble

Hellebores and Laurel

About James Noble

James Noble was a British artist who was born in Middlesex in 1919 and who later died in Norwich in 1989 at the age of seventy. Noble studied at both the Grosvenor School of Modern Art and Regent Street Polytechnic and also had art lessons from the painter Ian McNab. Noble's first solo show took place in 1957 at the Bond Street Gallery in London. Since his first exhibition his work has been sort after by collectors internationally and appears regularly in the art market. During the Second World War, Noble had a break in his career as he served as an assault engineer in the infantry however he didn't stop drawing throughout this period. To this day Noble is widely known for his detailed floral Still Life paintings. His technique was largely inspired by the 17th Century style of romantic Dutch and Flemish painters such as Ambrosius Bosschaert and Roelandt Savery. He favoured a relatively simplistic yet stylised approach to his compositions however he always maintained a clear sense of balance and colour. We were lucky enough to display some of Noble's work during our Still Life Exhibition from the 12th October until 9th November 2018.

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