Ann Dunbar

Flower Exuberance

About Ann Dunbar

After Ann studied Art and Design at degree level with Honours at University of Farnham, 1975-8, where she acquired the skill of using water colour, she also found her personal style of using free style machine embroidery, layer by layer with thousands of metres of silk or cotton thread onto her own watercolours. Her success in marrying these two skills as her own signature of work called 'embroidered watercolour' is outstanding and is the fruit of twenty five years practice.

It is a beautiful technique which gives an extraordinary life to all her landscapes of plants and animals and to the more stylized work inspired by her trips abroad like, Australia, India, China and Japan. The diversity of these cultrues stimulates Ann's imagination into re-creating original compositions from sources of artifacts in museums and ancient historical sites.

This type of work is unique and a development of many years of experience and experimentation. The density of thread gives vivacity and movement. When one moves, the tones of colour change as the light passes on the silken threads.

She lives permanently near Paris in France where she has been awarded many medals and prizes in International Salons. She is also referenced in the Artists Dictionary Larousse as well as featured in National Art Magazines.