Antonio Di Viccaro

Case Sulla Scogliera

About Antonio Di Viccaro

Born on 1935 in Castelforte, Italy, Antonio Diviccaro, began his artistic career at the age of 11 and at the age of 23, he held his first personal exhibition in the “Circolo Artistico di Arezzo.” The exhibition, which was enthusiastically received by the Italian art community, would later furnish Diviccaro with opportunities to exhibit with great success in Los Angeles, Boston and Chicago. In Italy, Diviccaro is one of the few artists who use the “palette knife” technique. A lover of the Italian landscape, Diviccaro often returns to his native town, Castelforte, or travels to the Island of Capri, Costa Amalfitana, Positano, the Gulf Islands, Florence and Venice to capture the splendid views. The cerulean skies, the brilliant white stucco houses, and the magenta flowers cast a spell on the viewer’s mind, transporting them to the most beautiful places on earth.