Bettina Caro

The Courtyard

About Bettina Caro

Bettina Caro was born in Casablanca and now works from her studio in Hampstead, London. She paints on canvas and board using oils to create rich tones, acrylics for their intensity, watercolours for their delicacy and gold leaf to add a transformative touch of Mediterranean sunlight. 

Her evocative paintings capture the light and vibrancy of her North African childhood and she brings all the intensity, passion and richness of Sephardi life into her works. Bettina's powerful portraits and still lifes honour and preserve a lost culture, her exhibitions, public works and private commissions alike reveal her deep connection to her heritage.

Bettina studied art and architecture at the University of Madrid and has lived in England since 1981. Her unique, distinct style captures the Mediterranean landscapes of her youth and the rituals that punctuated her family life, handed down through the generations.