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About Christine Bleny

Born into an artisan family in the city of Strasbourg in France, Christine Marie-Paul Bleny, was immersed in a life of art and aesthetics from an early age. While Christine’s mother, Germaine Marie Bleny reproducing Rembrandt, Courbet and Renoir masterpieces in her own and unique technique colour pencils onto wood, her father, Gerard Paul Bleny had his own business hand-crafting and working as a woodwork teacher. French painter Jacques Bleny (1925-1960) was also a distant relative of the Bleny family. Being around master paintings and watching her mother work inspired Christine from an early age. In fact, by the age of ten Christine started on her creative path to become a highly imaginative painter, as she says in her own words,

“I was inspired by many classical masters to which include … Paul Gauguin with his rich palette of colours, Sandro Botticelli with the delicateness of his brush stroke, purity of his lines; Japanese art, art Nouveau and not forgetting the French Impressionists who inspired my landscapes.”

Christine’s formative years as a painter discovering art was spent in Strasbourg. Subsequently, Christine lived and worked in Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain (where she took further training under the artist Alain Maymo, a French artist) and finally England, where she now resides. These diverse cultures and traditions, developed her artistic imagination. And as a result, she is able to create a transposition of perception from the actual world onto canvas and vice versa.

Christine Bleny uses a mix technique: palette knife and brushes working with oils on canvas to create an impressionist style of landscapes, mystical women travelling through timeless forests and nature tinged with surrealism. It is this series of women in the forests, ‘The Divine Ladies’ that are the hallmark of Christine’s work,

“‘I use the new technique of transparency to transform and merge both the material and immaterial on to the canvas as can be seen in my series of women in the forest, the spirit of a woman emerging from a tree. Forests have always symbolised a place of high spirituality, The transparency helps to create an aspect of immortality of the feminine soul.”


The themes and intense colours used around the feminine theme by Gustav Klimt has stayed with Christine as the strongest inspiration with a focus on women and emotion in the majority of her originals. She developed the “Gold Series” to celebrate and honour this.


Christine’s work has drawn comparisons with Klimt, Dali, Delveaux, oftentimes with the elegance of Jacoulet.  Two main themes run throughout a Christine Bleny painting: one is mysterious and ethereal human figures placed in both real and unreal surroundings and the other leans towards natural landscapes especially woodlands.

“I use narrative art bordering on surrealism and when I paint landscapes I use a palette knife and like to do it in ‘one jet’ using bold colours and compositions. I am constantly creating, when I finish a painting, I already compose a new one in my mind… When people ask me how come you paint so much? I say I am an artist and this is what I do.”

Christine Bleny’s work has been greatly appreciated by art lovers and collectors the world over with exhibitions in New York’s Pavillion d’art contemporain; London’s Waldorf Hotel; Milan’s Nuova Porte Prandi and at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. Christine has also sold a painting to an international American singing star who wishes to remain anonymous. While there is a steady and significant demand for Christine’s paintings, she also finds time to donate select works to charities including the “Art pour Ange”(art for Angel) charity initiative. Christine was one of several artists who donated a paintings to help fund the research for young children suffering from brain tumours. At the charity fundraiser, auction, Christine’s paintings was auctioned by the most famous French auctioneer, Pierre Cornette de Saint Cyr.


Christine has also painted commissions for a variety of CD covers from world and folk label ARC Music, including two albums of the Buena Vista social club music and the gypsy music of the Balkans. Christine has also painted book covers including 2 poetry books by Alain Maymo “Promenade sur les sentiers du verbe and Fenetre sur la vie”. In recent months Christine was selected for an outside painting competition at Windsor Castle.


Christine Bleny’s studio is in East Grinstead, West Sussex where she draws on inspiration from the Ashdown Forest and its ever-changing hues, which provide a constant source of inspiration.

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