Francesco Caccamo

Vicolo, Liguaria

About Francesco Caccamo

Francesco Caccamo is an artist and teacher of History of Fine Art Painting, he was born in Reggio Calabria, Italy and studied at the Frangipane Institute of Art and at the Academy of Fine Arts where he later worked for many years as an art teacher. In 1987 he moved to Rome where he continued to paint, for two years he participated in an exhibition of his own works at a historic event called 'Hundred Painters' which took place in central Rome and where the likes of famous Italian painter Novella Parigini used to exhibit.

In 1989 he collaborated with famous sculptor Giacomo Manzu on the illustration of books about the flora and fauna in the Agropontino territory which was written by historian Bernardino Tofani.

Throughout his artistic career Francesco won numerous awards and today many of his paintings belong to both foreign and Italian private collectors and others can be admired in galleries and museums such as the Museo San Paolo in Reggio.