James Chinnery

About James Chinnery

Creator of Three-Dimensioal Paper Wall-Sculptures / (a sometimes unhinged) Writer (of a so-called-unpublished-novel: 53; and odd textual pieces) / Painter (though recently paper has taken more of a foothold in the compositions) of the classic image by David Pelham (for Anthony Burgess' novel 'A Clockwork Orange' published by Penguin in 1972 / (paranoid) Photographer and Collector of found negatives (which he makes into photographic prints) / Constructor of Picture-Frames made out of found pieces of wood / Collector of found objects and materials (wood, metal, bones, boxes, odd bits of junk, stuff that he finds interesting or which people give to him, books, magazines, pictorial books and more books! / and the (inevitable) Other-Stuff (that always crops up and is barely describable)

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