Li Mang

View of Venice

About Li Mang

Mr Mang Li was born in 1962 in Shenyang, China and began life as an artist at age three, drawing pictures in the corridor at Fine Art Publishing House. Mang received his BA in Art from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Art in 1985. Since his graduation, Mang has never stopped practicing his artistic vision, Mang has lived in London since 1993, choosing to settle here as a professional realism artist. Over the course of the past few years, Mang has sold key pieces of his work to private collectors worldwide. His Chinese story drawing book won the national Golden Price.  Mang's artistic goal is to construct imagery beyond the usual scope of perception while preserving a sense of the universal beauty of nature. The contours inherent in human figures and landscapes are most prevalent in his work. He has refined his use of complimentary colours and forms to demonstrate a deeper understanding of these elements. Mang's art is vividly expressed in deeply personal fantastic imagery. This imagery stems from his interest in primitive art, classical music and Chinese culture.