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About Qu Leilei

Qu Leilei is a contemporary Chinese artist currently based in the UK. He was born in the Northeastern province of Heilongjiang, China in 1951 and received training in painting and calligraphy from an early age. In 1979 his career started, he founded the avant-garde 'Stars Group' together with Wang Keping, Ma De Sheng, Huang Rui, Li Shuang, Ah Cheng and Ai Weiwei, Qu then took part in one of the first contemporary art exhibitions in China. 

He relocated to London in order to practice his art, lecture and to exhibit internationally, it was only after having relocated that Qu formed his unique style of ink painting. The exposure to Western Art, especially classical sculpture and Italian Renaissance painting, intensified his quest for perfection of naturalistic images of bodily beauty for its own sake, and his long and careful studies of the anatomy and Renaissance old masters, have led to large and impressive life-like figure paintings.


his work was then shown in a solo display in the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford, it was the first time the Ashmolean held a show that was devoted singly to the work of a living artist.

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